How do I create a scrolling panel on winform?

I have a winform that is 800x600.
The form will not 'hold' all my controls. I'm out of screen 'real estate'.
I want to add a panel to the form that will scroll with all my control.. just like a webpage does in IE.
My panel needs to be 800x1200.
How do I make a scrolling panel 800x1200 that will scroll up and down in a winform and display all my controls?

I can add a scrolling panel to a winform but the size and scroll is limited to the form size.

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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
I haven't played with it to much, but it seems that the IDE will not let you make the form bigger than the screen at DESIGN-TIME.

However, at RUN-TIME, I changed the location of my controls via code to larger than screen size and the scrollbars appeared and worked correctly with AutoScroll() set to true.

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JElsterAuthor Commented:
I need to the form to remain 800x600 at runtime..... Yes, I can't make the form bigger to position the controls and then set the screen back to 800x600.  
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Can you change resolutions and design your form then?

Other than that I think you have to position the controls at run-time via code...
JElsterAuthor Commented:
No... I have to find another monitor.  It's a weird limitation - that you can design a form larger than your screen.
If i get your requirements right, you need a larger virtual area to place your controls and should be able to scroll to these. as you can't make the form bigger due to your screen resolutions, you need to postion your your controls in your code ie at runtme. Just set Form's autoscroll propert to true as Idle_Mind said. scrollbars will be displayed when any child control is placed outside visible area.
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