How to apply cksum between Windows NT and UNIX files during PROD migration?


I am doing production deployment so i ftp files from Windows NT to unix environment .Assume there is no unix view.
Mainly i need to apply check sum during production migration like applying checksum to nt  and unix files to make sure  the size and i need to take screenshot also.
 if i am coping files from unix to unix i can use cksum.But if i ftp files from nt to unix i find differences in bytes.
Like i need to take checksum screenshot for NT as wellas Unix seperately.
Please help
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> i find differences in bytes.
did you transfer in binary mode?
vikraman_bAuthor Commented:
ascii mode

change to binary mode and it should be ok
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vikraman_bAuthor Commented:
Hi ahoffmann,
i need to transfer in ascii format only.
for example
i got a file in ClearCase stream NT view say some.sql,some.ini like that, i need to transfer this files from nt to unix envt
so normally use
telnet tounix server
ftp the files under ascii mode and i do the transfer.
u cannot use binary mode,binary can be used only for jar file,etc.,
so after transfer i need to check the size in the nt view as well as unix view.
so i need to apply cksum
if it is unix view i manually copy the file and take the cksum for source and destination directory if it going to be nt and unix ,how will compare and take the scree shot for logging purppose.
> i need to transfer in ascii format only.
ascii mode is unreliable and causes strange side effects, as you identified yourself
If you know how your ftp client deals with ascii mode *and* you know the remote ftp server deals with ascii mode, then feel free to use it, but as a result you definitely get files which cannot be compared with checksums.

If you need to remove for example M$'s useless/stupid \r in text files, then use a reliable converter before or after transfering instead.
Or better use a reliable editor to create/change your text files inthe format you need them.

> u cannot use binary mode,binary can be used only for jar file,etc.,
You can use binary mode for everything, ftp does not know anything about the file content, nor does it look at file extentsions.

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vikraman_bAuthor Commented:
HI ahoffman,
I am the same person posted in unix and unix securiy.
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