e-mail server send queue.

I got this message from the server this morning.  Can someone tell me how to clean up the send queue?

"A large number of messages are pending in the e-mail server send queue.

Verify that you have Internet connectivity. If you can view Web sites normally, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to determine if there is a probl"
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Greetings, happykev !

What email client are you using?  Outlook 2003? Exchange?  Using SBS?

1. You might want to check where the pending emails are going and if the destination addresses are valid. There might be a mail relay problem. There are many sites that check whether your server is a mail relay server. SBS by default turns relay off to external and non-authenticated users.


2. See if this thread in a forum will solve your problem

Best wishes!
could be missing a PTR record in DNS...Make sure your not setup to relay mail for senders outside your domain

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Have you stopped and restarted the Exchange Internet Service?
Best Practices including an orderly shut down of Exchange Servers on a regular weekly basis.
Please provide us more information. What is your mail server?
happykevAuthor Commented:
Exchange server 2003 SMS edition.
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