getting lilo to work in suse 10

I just did a fresh install suse on my system. I've got two hard drives in my computer, the master is my windows and the slave drive to that is the one I installed suse on. During the setup I tried to change the options and use lilo as my bootloader instead of grub, well it got halfway through and said there was error in the bootloader installation, i hit retry 3 times to no avail and finally tried using the grub option worked right away. So I let it go assuming I would just change it in YAST once I got the system up. Well when I try it in YAST I receive the same error about an error in the bootloader installation. Any ideas?
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What is the reason you want lilo and not grub? Grub is after all a lot better than lilo, it is more modern and easy to use. Lilo used to be installable on small partitions only, although I believe that issue is solved meanwhile, but it could still be the problem you have.
Hello MexicanHeat,

I agree that rindi is absolutely right here.
Lilo had several problems, - dealing with special kind of harddisk geometry
was only one of them - where GRUB could perform absolutely fine.
Lilo has been developed further, too, but the error you keep getting
is a clear pointer to a situation LILO can't cope with easily.
It would be a tedious task to find a workaround for LILO, if
possible at all (within reasonable limits) with your existing hardware setup.
So take GRUB here as a solution, you won't regret it. : ))
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