get domain name in php

Im want to verify the domain name where my scripts are running

what I started with is


the problem with this is that the result could be or

where I would like it to be always at all times only because I will be comparing the domain name with a field in the database to verify if they are allowed to be using my application anyone knows if there is a predefined variable for this or do i have to cut off the www.  in code ?

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Nope, I think you have to cut it off in the code.
$domain = preg_replace("/^www\./", "", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
there is no such variable,
I think you should cut off the "www." in the code.
Just simply use
$domain = str_replace("www.","",$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
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Problem with str_replace is if your domain is something like '', you'll come away with just 'mysiteoncom'
prowebinteractiveAuthor Commented:
and what if its a subdomain, or there is no www.
if there's no www, no problem.

The below will return '' for all of the following:

$domain = preg_replace("/^(.*\.)?([^.]*\..*)$/", "$2", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
Here are a few other ways to do it:

preg_match("/[^.]*\.[^.]*$/", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], $domain);
echo $domain[0];

$pieces = explode(".", strrev($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']));
echo strrev($pieces[0] . "." . $pieces[1]);
prowebinteractiveAuthor Commented:
holy sweet jesus  nice but confusing, it works and thats what counts, I have tried it on every type of domain yet though  such as   dpo you know if it will work on this domain name ?

Just a quick pointer - I achieve the same using the IP Address of the server:


  ..and I compare this with the IP address to which the domain name should resolve.

Basically, this avoids you having to do *any* additional comparison or string massaging.
No, that would just return
Brian BushSolutions ArchitectCommented:
So, you only want to cut off "www." if "www." is at the beginning?
That's an easy one:


$_domains = array(

foreach ($_domains as $_domain) {
    echo preg_replace("/^www\./", "", $_domain);
    echo "<BR>\n";


if (preg_match('/\\b(https?|ftp):\/\/www\.(?P<domain>[-A-Z0-9.]+)\\z/i', $subject, $regs)) {
      $result = $regs['domain'];

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have you tried simply using

$theString = parse_url($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
$theDomain = $theString['host'];
echo $theDomain;

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$string = "";

$pos = strpos($string,"www");

$string = substr($string,($pos+4)); //$pos is the location for www, we have to add 4steps to get rid of the "www."

echo $pos."<br>";

echo $string;

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something like this?
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