DNS server issues


I have a DNS server running on a windows 2000 server. This machine is also a domain controller and a DHCP server.

I can browse to any machines/sites on my intranet on this machine, but nothing on the internet.

Any ideas?
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Is this a new setup?

Can you ping stuff on the net, IE

Do you have forwarders set up in your DNS for Internet resolution?
Administrative Tools > DNS > Right Click on DNS Server Name > Click Forwarders Tab and put IP addresses of DNS servers for your ISP.
damehtaAuthor Commented:
I tried adding a forwarder to the ISP DNS server, still the same result.

This was a new setup to replicate my existing DNS server. The existing DNS server resolves just fine.
So from this server, can you ping

Can you ping the IP address of your ISP DNS server?
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damehtaAuthor Commented:
Not able to ping either IP, or my ISP DNS server
So we know its not your DNS server that is the problem then.

There is a routing issue then.
Is this new server on the same subnet as the old server?
Are there rules in the firewall that could be interfering with this computer accessing the internet?
Do you have a proxy server or anything that needs to be set?
Do you have the correct default gateway set?
damehtaAuthor Commented:
Ok, the gateway and other information is correct. When i do a traceroute to an IP address it does not respond.

Any worms etc that can cause this?
hmmm... I would think this is something that is being stopped by a gateway router/firewall since you can ping/access things internally etc...

I can say for certain that the problem is not with your DNS though, you need to resolve the routing problem first.

This has to be something small, like maybe a NAT pool is setup on your gateway router/firewall that only allows x amout of addresses to access the internet and your computer is not in that range. Or maybe an issue with firewall rules etc..

I guess I would try and set this server to receive its IP via DHCP and then see if you can ping, that would help rule out any ip/subnet/gateway issues..

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