How to Transfer wireless settings from one laptop to another

I have just purchased a new laptop and would like to find an easy solution to transferring the wireless connection settings for the different networks (several of them) to the new laptop without having to manually re-enter all the info for each wireless account. Any Suggestions?
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Aside from using a USB device to transfer the settings to each machine, I don't believe there's a way to automatically set up a wireless connection. I checked through some scripting resources and can't find anything there either.

It might be possible to copy the set up files to your USB device using the connection wizard from one machine, then distribute those files over a network and give users a "how-to" on using them. Might be easier for them but I've never tried it and the connection wizard might only accept files from a USB drive for security reasons...

So, in short - no love. :)
JoeEdafioAuthor Commented:
I have multiple wireless network connection settings to copy. Can this be used to copy multiple access points settings another laptop?
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