Is there a command on Linux similiar to dump -H or chatr for other UNIX flavors?

Is there a command on Linux similiar to dump -H or chatr for other UNIX flavors? I need to see where and what shared library files are linked to a specific  '.so' file in Linux.

Like the example from HP-UX below......   can anyone tell me a similiar command? The part I need is the ***Import File Strings*** showing the location of linked / required files.  (except in Linux). Ultimately our application gets an error working with Oracle 10g on the same box even though it appears to be configured properly: failed to create OCI environment.

Any help would be appreciated.


dump -H
                        ***Loader Section***
                      Loader Header Information
VERSION#         #SYMtableENT     #RELOCent        LENidSTR
0x00000001       0x0000008c       0x00000272       0x00000031
#IMPfilID        OFFidSTR         LENstrTBL        OFFstrTBL
0x00000003       0x00002a98       0x000006ec       0x00002ac9
                        ***Import File Strings***
INDEX  PATH                          BASE                MEMBER
0      /usr/lib:/lib
1                                    libc.a              shr.o
2                                    libclntsh.a         shr.o

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Have you tried ldd?

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objdump -x
nm -a
and also: ldd
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