Which Cisco IOS do I use?

Hello Everyone-

I have four Cisco 3550s that range in IOS versions from 12.1(11)EA1 to 12.2(25)SEB4.  After flailing around Cisco's website for an hour or two trying to figure out which IOS is the most current for my hardware,  I THINK it should be 12.2(25)SEE which was released this last February.  

This leaves me with three related questions:

1. The Cisco site says that IOS 12.4 is available.  Why isn't the 3550 listed for 12.4?
2. Is 12.2(25)SEE in fact the most current IOS I should be using?
3. There are several different variations of the same version available.  How do I knowwhat these all mean, and how do I know if I picked the correct one?  The differnt variations of the same IOS are:
IP Base W/O Crypto
IP Base W/O Crypto with Web Bassed Dev Mgr
IP Base
IP Base with Web Bassed Dev Mgr
IP Services W/O Crypto
IP Services W/O Crypto with Web Based Dev Mgr
IP Services
IP Services with Web Based Dev Mgr

I picked the last one, but I'm not sure thats what I need.  Please help.

Thank you,
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1. 12.4 - latest IOS, available for for routers, not switches.
2. Most current IOS for 3550 Catalyst - 12.2(25) SEE
3. IP Services with Web Based Dev Mgr - you picked IOS with all features available, including crypto. For some applications you dont need crypto or web based device management, and in this case price for IOS will be lower.
iccadminAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the quick response.

So what you're saying is I should download and use the one labeled "IP Services with Web Based Dev Mgr"?
iccadminAuthor Commented:
Oh, and how do I find out how much RAM my switch has?
Show version
somewhere at the bottom, you will see how much memory is present.

Just type "show version" and see your dram/flash memory size in the result

"IP Services with Web Based Dev Mgr" - containing most features, then it will be good for you for any application...

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