translate #defines


Is there anyway to convert a #define from a string into it's numeric value:


for instance should be intrepreted as whatever ms defined as its real numeric value:


I'm just trying to write a small interpreter, and I don't want to have a function to translate them like:

    int TranslateDefs(CString str)
        if (str == "SS_BLACKFRAME") {
            return 0x07L;
        // etc...

Thank you
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whats exactly you are looking for ?
#define is Preprocessor directive that means compile time your values will be changes with whatever you define it as.

minnirokAuthor Commented:
yeah ms must have this someplace, probably in windows.h or something:

    #define SS_BLACKFRAME 0x07L

Now I'm reading a text file that has this on a line:


I want to be able to store the defined value of SS_BLACKFRAME in a DWORD:

    DWORD dwStyle;

    dwStyle = SomeFunkyThingToTurnTheTextRepresentationIntoTheNumericVal("SS_BLACKFRAME");

Use a map:

#include <map>
usinag namespace std;

map<char*,DWORD> mapNameToId;



#define ADD_ENTRY(x) mapNameToId[#x] = x;

DWORD SomeFunkyThingToTurnTheTextRepresentationIntoTheNumericVal(char* x) {

    return mapNameToId[x];

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minnirokAuthor Commented:
Ok just wanted to see if there was something to already translate. This should work ok though.

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