Display tab character from memo field to report correctly.

I'm using Access 2003.  I have a table with a memo field in which the user perform data entry by copying and pasting from Word documents.  I created a report to display the memo field but special characters such as tabs are displayed on the report as a small box.  

How can I make the report NOT display the box and actually show empty spaces represented by the tab?

p.s. This is urgent so if I can get any solution today, I will grade with A
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
You will need a Microsoft RichTextBox control instead of a textbox.  
In Access RichTextBox is not one of the standard controls in the toolbox, so you'll have to click on the 'More Controls' button and scroll down.
You can put this in the control source property of the textbox (be sure the name of the textbox is different from the field).
=Replace([YourFieldNameHere], Chr(9), Spaces(5))
Chr(9) is the tab character,  Change the 5 to the number of spaces you want to replace the tab character with.  This will not change the memo field.  It will only change the display of the memo field in the form (or report)

To change the memo field itself, use an update query like this:
Update YourTableNameHere Set YourFieldNameHere = Replace([YourFieldNameHere], Chr(9), Spaces(5));
This will go through the table and change every record.  Be sure to backup your database before running it!!!!

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LT012345Author Commented:

When I tried to drop the Microsoft RichText Box control, Access won't let me, saying it doesn't support this type of control.
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