How do you insert a CR/LF in the LMSG portion using SNDDST?

I'm sending e-mails to customer service reps about loads that might be in jeopady of arriving late.
I'd like to segregate data in the LMSG by starting a new line for particular parts of the message.


Phillip KnoxSenior Systems AnalystAsked:
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The LONGMSG() parm allows two forms of format control.

First, there are two control strings that may be direct ly inserted -- :/N and :/P. The [:/N] sequence results in a simple new-line character. The [:/P] results in a 'paragraph' break that should add a blank line also.

Second, you can insert FFTDCA format strings for whatever fancy formatting you need. I've never needed anything beyond new-line and paragraph, but I can dig up the old FFTDCA stuff if you really need it (I think).

Help text for the LONGMSG() parm discusses this.

Phillip KnoxSenior Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:

Thanks, that worked perfectly.

Props to you dude!

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