Why my job is failing when i schedule in SQL Server , Management , Jobs?

Hi ,
    My name is Sridhar i got one problem to schedule job in SQL Server .  Pls find details below.

  We have Database Server called "A" and I registered that Database in my local machine (Enterprise Manager) by using Windows Authentication.  I created a table called "mytable" and it shows owner as "Sridhar".  Now I created DTS package in that connection task i have mention Windows Authentication and given Server name and selected Database ( you know that password is not necessory for windows authentication users).  Now I scheduled that as a Job and I went to job and ran that job.  But it is throwing Failed message.  When I see "View Job History" then I see below line

*** The job failed.  The Job was invoked by User MNAPOOL\Sridhar.  The last step to run was step 1 (dtsBusinessDays) ***

  In this case i went to login to see what kind of permissions i have.  I clicked on my login properties and in that if i went to "Database Access", I see these permission are tick marked for a particular database "public","db_owner","db_datareader","db_datawriter".

  I desperately need help in this..need help..help..help

Thanks in advance

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When you run a job in SQL Server Agent, the job does not run under your id, it runs under the id that SQL server Agent is running under.  You can see who that is by going to the properties of the SLQ Server Agent in Enterprise manager.

So your DTS Pachage is trying to connect using NT Authentication, but SQL Server Agent is running under the local Administrator account for example and this account does not have rights to log into SQL Server.  Try creating a SQL server User, and change the DTS package to use this account.  Also change the table owner to be that of this user, or make it owned by dbo.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
In a word: Permissions.  The SQL Server Agent service startup account does not have the required permissions.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Actually you may need to change the account used be the SQL Server Agent to be a domain account.
bethamsettyAuthor Commented:
Thanks bunch to 'adwiseman'..it works for me................cooooooooooooooooool
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