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Hello Experts, I have had 2 Employees with questionable ethics. In our handbook it clearly states the use of Email. The users have deleted the emails in question. I need to know how to retrieve emails from the SBS2003 and read them. I appreciate the help in advance.
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If the e-mail was in the users mailbox since you last backup, you may be able to recover the e-mail.  Here are the instructions:
1)login to a workstation as the Exchange Administrator.
2) Open Outlook but add a profile.  pick the name of the user that you want to see the mail of... say bobbyD.  So, in outlook set the profile to open BobbyD's mailbox.
3) Open Outlook...

You now can see BobbyD's mail...  Hopefully the mail is still in the Deleted items...

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I assume you have been backing up the information store?

If you are sure you have legal ground to stand on (I'm not a lawyer), then you can try a few things:
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