"No harddisk found" when I install XP pro onto new laptop with XP pro

I need to install XP pro (volume license) onto a new laptop which already has XP pro (single license).  I will then take a Ghost image of the laptop and roll it out to 9 other laptops.

The laptop is new and works perfectly.

But when I start an install (from reboot - "Would you like to boot from the CD?") I get the following message:

No harddisk found.  Check that you have a harddisk,.... correct installation ... cables.  Perhaps you need to run an installation program......
Press F3 to finish.

What have I forgotten to do?
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Did the laptop boot fine with the single licensed version of XP?  What kind of laptop is it?  Model?  You may need to load drivers during the install process for XP to recognize the disk (pressing F6 during boot up).
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
does the drive get detected in the BIOS?  If so then you need to fix /mbr with the WinXP recovery console.

If NOT, then check your jumper on your drive, make sure it is master
Alistair7Author Commented:
This is a brand new Fujitsu siemens laptop right out of the box.
Amilo pro V2045 with XP pro preinstalled.  It has booted many times today to XP (single user) without a problem.

Even after trying to install the new XP two times, it still boots without problem to the old XP, so there's nothing wrong with the mbr or jumpers.
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Alistair7Author Commented:
It's a SATA harddrive.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
see jsvor's recommendation ... load drivers so that your disk is recognized.  specifically, SATA drivers.
I believe this model uses a SATA interface for the HDD. You may need to load the SATA drivers at boot. You will need a floppy to do this. You may have the SATA drivers on a CD or floppy that came with your laptop. If not, go to the makers site and down load them. When the computer begins to boot from the CD look at the bottom of the screen. When it says press f6 to install additional drivers (Or some to that effect, I do not recall the exact message) press f6 and have the floppy with SATA drivers ready to insert into the floppy drive.

It should tell you when to insert the disk. Once you press enter after inserting the disk, it should give you a list of found drivers to select from. Pretty cut and dry from there. Just follow directions to get the drivers loaded.

One thing I might suggest, if this model allows it, would be to go through the upgrade or (Second) repair option (Which ever ispresented) so you do not lose any of your data. If it does not give you these options you may need to back up everything you want to keep and go through the same process of loading the drivers and just do a fresh install.

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It might not be that it require separate sata raid drivers - the preinstalled laptop could have a utility to protect the HDD from new installations.

The drivers you will need are the XP raid ones from the cd/website - you will need the .inf file(s), .sys file(s) and also the .cat file(s) on this floppy disk.

Or you could recreate your XP disc with the drivers built in.
Alistair7Author Commented:
I pressed F6 at the appropriate time as indicated at the bottom of the screen "Raid or other drivers".
The end result of that was
"Installation program cannot find any drive where OEM drivers can be loaded from a floppy disk"
"Press escape to cancel loading of OEM drivers"
"Press F3 to cancel installation"

This is all in Norwegian, hence the strange translations of messages.
I have no floppy disk station.

and235100, I don't understand why you are referring to sata RAID drivers.  I only have 1 single harddisk, I don't use redundancy RAID arrays.
Is there something I don't understand here?
SATA controllers are view as RAID controllers in Windows and most BIOS. I have run cross a few that see them as enhanced IDE or just plain SATA controllers.
Normally sata comes in the form of sata raid - it only become raid when you have two or more physical disks (which is possible in modern laptops)

That is what I mean- sorry for not being clear.

What drive did you use - was it a built in FDD or a usb one?

Use this utility to check the hdd is installed correctly:


Create a bootable disk and the software will check out the hdd status - try a test read/write to see if the disk is accessible.

Make sure you craete a backup of any vital data first - this utility is destructive!
Alistair7Author Commented:
I've just discovered the following which worked on a V2040 (mine is V2045)


Looks very promising to me and easier than recreating a new XP cd with sata drivers.
What do you think?

There is nothing to backup on these laptops.  They are unused, brand new.

The harddrive I think is Samsung and internal.

Mandude0: "You may need to load the SATA drivers at boot. You will need a floppy to do this."
Isn't it normally possible to load the drivers directly from the driver CD I have? Does one have to use a floppydrive, which I don't have?
To install the drivers initially (When booting from the CD) you do. Windows install will want to see a floppy disk to pull the drivers from. If the drivers are already available on the Windows CD, it will just run them off of that. Not a very easy to work things from the MS developers but that is the way they built the installer.

The CD you probably got from the manufacturer more than likely has the drivers "slipstreamed" into the CD. If you have an external floppy drive like a USB or maybe serial connection to the computer you may be able to pull from there. If not, you best bet would be to rebuild the CD with the drivers and it will install normally as if the drivers were already apart of the original Windows CD.
Alistair7Author Commented:
Very clear mandude0, thanks.

But what about the link I provided.  That is definitely easier.  What do you think?
Sure, give it shot. It does look easier.
Alistair7Author Commented:
It worked.

I deactivated AHCI in the bios, installed the new XP without the correct sata drivers, downloaded the drivers from Fujitsu siemens, installed the new drivers, rebooted into the bios to activate AHCI, booted into XP.  Bingo.

Thanks for the help and advice.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thank you!
Cool deal! Glad you got it going.
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