How do i index a CLOB column in oracle

I have an database table that contain one column that holds a numeric data type. Rest of the columns are CLOB columns.

I am in the processing of migrating the contents of this table into the new database schema which i developed. Since my migration script are written in, it is taking a lot of time to load the table and it time off everytime.

Any advise or experience in the relavant field.
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In regards to the actual topic question... Oracle does support indexes on clob objects. There is an entire 'subsystem' related to indexing and searching clob columns... Oracle Text.
From the manual...
Oracle Text is a tool that enables you to build text query applications and document classification applications. Oracle Text provides indexing, word and theme searching, and viewing capabilities for text.

There are a few different Oracle text index types. They are documented in the Oracle Text manaul (free, but required registration at Oracle Technology Network -

As far as actually loading the data, typically it is better to save the data in files and then use sqlldr to actually do the data load. Loader can be very, very fast.
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