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I'm a student and I had to print a poster that was 6xA3. I choose to do a landscape layout. For those who need memory refreshed this is horizontal length longer than the vertical length. 6 sheets of A3 creates more of a panoramic view yes. Well I went to print my poster and they said that the sizes were wrong.

All I done was checked the size of A3 which is in the print setup of most graphic packages. 3 x The Longest Side to find the width of my poster and 2 x The Shortest Side of 1 sheet of A3 paper to find the height of my poster. This is in mm and I used an online program which converts sizes to pixels.

Can someone please tell me the width and length of 3 A3 sheets of paper wide and 2 high.
Do it both ways. Each sheet portrait position then each landscape position. I need to know where I went wrong.
Please show the calculations so I know what numbers your going by. Thanks very much.

I put the sizes into graphics package which creates an area the size of the real thing. Large area to work on but how else do you do it.
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A3 is 297 x 420 mm
3*420 = 1260
2*297 = 594
3*297 = 891
2*420 = 840
I suspect they want you to do it in A0 size, trimmed down.

A0      841 × 1189
A1      594 × 841
A2      420 × 594
A3      297 × 420

Any other combination will not look like a "normal" poster.  Have you ever seen a poster 297 x 2520 in size?  Even on the London Underground the width of the posters is usually dictated by the sign with the station name on it.  BTW and FWIW the relationship between the sides on 'A' size paper is square root of 2.  
Some Graphics packages have a tiling option to print out in poster sizes.
It may also be difficult to print too close to the edge of the paper, so you may want to trim down for that reason too.
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