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I just installed Fedora 4 on my desktop and willing to work on DNS. I have cable connection and will be registaring a domain I have some basic idea on configuring DNS. I am wondering , without going for third party DNS , can I use my desktop as a DNS? If yes, what are the particular steps (like editing named.conf and for zone files etc.)
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You could do it...(and I have done this type of thing in the past!), but for the outside world to be able to use it , ideally you need to be on a fixed ip address (although you can get round this using various tricks), and your PC needs to be available 24 hours a day. As a result, to do this for your own domain, when the service is normally included in most registration packages strikes me as a bit like hard work....but as you've decided that you want to (or perhaps you are going to create a DNS server for your own internal network).......:

1.    Register your IP as the DNS server for your domain. Normally you require at least 2 IP addresses when you configure your domain.
2.    Ensure that your router forwards port 53 through to your PC.
3.    Your named file will include a configuration to convert IP addresses to names, and a second file to convert names to ips. In practice your ISP will convert your IP to a name and you will not be able to do anything about it, because the IP address is registered to your ISP, but you can have an influence over the convertion of your domain name to an ip.

gives a nice overview of the files involved and their purpose.

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I would also recommend installing Webmin (A browser administration program) on your server. It can take away the major hassle involved with configuring bind.

A guide on configuring BIND DNS using webmin:
manjuceeAuthor Commented:

Thank you , I will work on that now.

Thank you for the helpful info. I will check on that.

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