Most common locations (folders) for malware files? (system32?)

So far, each time I've encountered a bad virus and made a note of where the files actually were, they were in the system32 folder (for XP).

This is important to me, becuase, believe it or not, I get relatively poor customers who simply cannot afford to  have me sit there for 40 minutes while their PC does an antivirus scan.  And on three occassions now, , I have gotten rid of the immediate (known) virus or spyware problems by doing a selective scan of the system32 folder.

I know it is BAD BUSINESS not to scan the entire HD, and I tell them this, and show them how to finish the procedure in safe mode.

But LET'S JUST PRETEND that you had 10 minutes to find a virus on a computer (WinXP or Win98), using an antivirus program... Okay?

IN THAT SCENARIO -- which folders would you select to scan?  (And if this question is killing you for being foolish -- let's just say it's a PRELIMINARY scan)

(finally - anyone know which folders spybot scans? It can't be doing a full HD scan, it's too fast.)
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I haven't scanned a computer for viruses in ages, the realtime scanner checking files as accessed and written is they best way to stay virus free.

If I had to quickly get rid of a virus I'd scan the WINDOWS folder.

Most spyware/malware/adware scanners have quick scans which will scan the most common places for viruses to be.


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If I HAD to restrict it to just a single folder/subfolder I would do the entire windows folder (or winnt depending on OS version).   If your already doing System32 then adding the rest won't add that much but will catch a few more viruses.

I don't know for sure on spybot, but as a guess I suspect it scans the specific install locations of the spyware/malware it is looking for.
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rchein >> I don't know for sure on spybot, but as a guess I suspect it scans the specific install locations of the spyware/malware it is looking for.

Yeah, it's probably got the locations where the spyware/adware/malware installs intself and scans and removed if needed... that's why Spybot S&D is so fast.

system32 is probably the root of all evil for viruses, but I have noticed quite a few spyware programs actually creating subfolders of the Program Files folder.  But if you are strictly concerned with viruses and not adware/spyware then I would suggest the entire windows/winnt folder.  
C:\Program Files\Common Files is another good location
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
THanks you guys. Good to know that priority is
No time:

Some time:
Windows & PRog files / common

MOre time:
the whole HD
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