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I'm looking for a url where i can find quality UML diagrams for common Design Patterns such as Singletons, factory, abstract factory, composite, decorator, proxy, and strategy. I've found a site with one or two of these but the UML diagrams were poor. Hopefully someone has come across something worthwhile in their adventures!

Thanks for your help

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Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
Dear bowemc,
There are two types of diagrams in UML. they are static and dynamic.
Static diagrams such as use-case diagrams, component diagrams, deployment diagrams etc show the static aspect of the system.
Dinamic diagrams such as Interaction diagrams show the dynamic dehavior of the system.
A single book or url can not tell you everything, bythe way these are some urls. etc, all these are the UML tool manufacturers and they also provide enough documentation.

All the best
Prashant Sabnekar
Go through this link and will find enough resource in UML
A free UML diagram tool also :)
Its a open source under GPL license. So, don't use it for commercial purpose.

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This link I found is very interseting since you cannot get the UML diagram unless you answer the question.
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