exchange server corruption, moved to new mailbox store

Every now and then I do battle with IS corruption that makes the service stop.  You might be able to run it for a few minutes but it crashes again.  Started on one today at 9 AM EST.  stopped SMTP, stopped groupshield.

Although it may be overkill, I've learned to just make a new mailbox store, move users messages over to it and stop using the old database, erase it.

What I also want to do is delete the pending spam messages that my SMTP server want's to bring in.  Can I delete the SMTP user and how? How can I get at this.  

Keep in mind that After stopping SMTP and GSE, I was able to mount the old database and do the move user command, so is there something that the SMTP mailbox has in it that corrupt and the source of the whole headache?
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If you keep getting IS corruption, then you have a more fundamental problem. Regular IS corruption is not normal and shouldn't be tolerated.
The main cause of IS corruption is something up with the RAID card. I would check whether it has the latest firmware and drivers.

As for deleting the pending messages, have they been delivered? If not, then you will have to allow them to come in. If they have been delivered and are sat in the queues, then you can remove them from the queues folder manually.

carl_legereAuthor Commented:
agreed; this is the first time for this site.

I figured out how to expose the system SMTP and the Groupshield users for purposes of removing thier mailboxes so that the IS could be completely dissloved.
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