Cannot connect using remote desktop to windows 2003 server


Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my concern.  I am having a tough time connecting to my new windows 2003 via terminal services (for remote admin) using remote desktop.  I have XP pro running on my machine.  I am able to connect to the windows 2000 server however when I try to connect to the 2003 I get an error saying "client could not connect" right away.  I do not even get to the login screen.  I am not sure if there is some sort of firewall issues within 2003 that would be causing it.  I do believe I have the security parameters setup correctly similar to the way I had it setup on my 2000 server.  Any ideas??
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On the server:
Right-click My Computer and select Properties
On the Remote tab make sure the box ot the bottom is checked.
Also on the server, check to ensure that the Firewall (if running SP1) is turned off.

Are you running any other type of firewall (ISA maybe?)?

You have to enable remote desktop.  Here is how:

Verify that this is configured on the Windows 2003 server...
You can check if remote desktop is listening on the server by going to the server and typing at a command prompt:

netstat -a -n

and look and see if port 3389 is listening.

If it's not, then follow the other EE experts advice on turning it on.
anguptaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Netman66 you're a genious.  
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