Outlook custom stationery stretching table cells

Howdy folks --

Can anyone help me with this one? Here are two html files which I'm trying to use as stationery:




They're essentially the same thing done in slightly different ways, but they both have problems once they're brought into Outlook -- basically the gray single-pixel-wide vertical rules get doubled in width (and there's a slight vertical misalignment where the rules all meet in IE).

ONLY in Outlook.

I can't use graphics because they need to expand to fit a long newsletter or shrink to fit a short one.

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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, amateur6.

I see what you mean about vertical misalignment, but it looks exactly the same in my browser as it does in Outlook.  What browser are you using?

amateur6Author Commented:
Hi BlueDevilFan --

got the alignment fixed over here:


(see http://www.sullivanandco.com/test/email-sca4c.html)

To me, the file looks consistent across all browsers (IE6 PC, FF PC and Mac, Safari...) -- but you're not seeing the vertical rules double in width in Outlook? To me, a browser will show it like the above (4c), but in Outlook it ends up kind of like this:


I know it's subtle, but it's still wrong. And I don't know why. Thanks!
David LeeCommented:
On my system the line thickness is now correct, but where the lines intersect the horizontal lines disappear.  They run up to the outer vertical line on each side and stop.  In the process of looking at this I also discovered that after saving your page to disk I get the same behavior when I open it in the browser as I do in Outlook.  Yet when I pull it up from the link you posted it looks perfect.
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amateur6Author Commented:
Okay, I see what that is -- little html error on my part (relative versus absolute link). Corrected here but not uploaded (until now).

Can we try a little email experiment? I'd like to send a test to your ee-earthlink address, and perhaps you could save the new file and email it back to me (ideally as stationery, but inserted would be okay too)? What I'm curious to see is if the one which looks bad here ends up looking good when it gets to you, and vice versa.

My email for this project is sullivan_pc at sullivanandco.com -- thanks BDF!
David LeeCommented:

No problem.  It'll be a while before I can check that mailbox though.
amateur6Author Commented:
No worries -- Thanks! Sending now.
David LeeCommented:
Got it.  Here's screen capture of what it looked like on my system: http://www.mindspring.com/~d_lee/Sullivan.jpg
I saved the HTML as stationery and sent a message back to you using it.  It's got the misalignment problem.  Not sure that matters though, since it arrived looking like it should.

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amateur6Author Commented:
Interesting! Well, if that's the case, I'm going to try emailing it to client and see how it works for them. Thanks for all the help!

Oh, and if you wanted to be a HUGE help, could you email it again to pc-testing at sullivanandco.com? I gave you the wrong address before, so it ended up at our catchall, which is on a Mac (and has always looked fine). *siiigh*

But points to you regardless!
David LeeCommented:
No problem.  I just sent the message to the address given.
amateur6Author Commented:
Looks like a display problem -- arrived fine here, too. Thanks again!
David LeeCommented:
You're welcome.
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