Migrating to a new DC and file server

We're replacing a DC which is also our File and Print server aka dc01.  The DC has the following roles:

Domain Controller w/DNS and DHCP management roles
All FISMO roles Except Infrastructure Master Role see below
Global Catalog Server
Backup Exec Server
File and print services

During our original upgrade to Windows 2003, we configured a workstation as our original DC (DC0), migrated user accounts from NT, than rebuilt the original server as a DC(this happens to be the server we're retiring aka DC01).  All FISMO roles were on our workstation (DC0) but were eventually moved to dc01-all but IMR.  
I was warned that the infrastructure master role should not be assigned to a DC hosting the global catalog.  If the infrastructure master and global catalog are on the same domain controller, the infrastructure master will never find data that is out of date, so it will never replicate changes.  I’m not sure if it needs to replicate changes while acting in a solo DC configuration but that leads to another discussion.  Because the Infrastructure Master Role resides on the workstation server, I've been unable (nervous is more like it) to remove the workstation from AD.  

I have several questions based on our scenario.  

1. Can I migrate all FISMO Roles to a server that is also the Global Catalog Server allowing me to retire both dc0 and dc01?

2.Once I configure our new server (FS01) as a DC, how do I migrate DNS and DHCP management roles to FS01?  In other words, if I run DCPROMO, configure FS01 as a DC change the DNS IP address to point to FS01, what happens when both dc01 & fs01 DNS servers are online-how do I properly migrate those roles to the new server?

3. Since the GPO's are configured for specific OU's, what will happen to the GPO's?  Should I be concerned with GPO's at all?

Thanks to all.  If you have any additional things to look out for, please let me know.  I just started a new position and I'm trying to plan this project as accurately as possible.  

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One server can have all FSMO rules.  This is proven by the fact that Small Business Edition requires all FSMO on the same box.  If you make the DNS zones Active Directory Integrated, then simply installing DNS on the new server and restarting the Netlogon service will start populating the new DNS installation.  As for DHCP, unless you have reservations it might just be easier to install it and setup the scopes then turn off the old DHCP service.  The clients should refresh on reboot.
1) Yes.  In a single domain forest, you can colocated the IM and GC roles.
2)  As stated above, if the original zones are AD Integrated, then simply installing DNS on the new server will trigger replication to create and populate DNS.  As for DHCP, unless you have Reservations or lots of manual entries then simply install it and setup the scope.  
3)  GPOs are part of the SYSVOL folder structure.  The act of making the new server a DC will populate SYSVOL with all your GPOs.

Hope this helps.

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rmjcvelezAuthor Commented:
Thanks Netman66 & eatmeimadanish!!  
The advice to separate the IM and GC came from a consultant firm-they were very persuasive in their argument.  Perhaps it's time I prove them wrong and start looking for a new firm.  

Thanks again.

The only time you need to separate them is if there are more than one domain in the Forest.  Other than that, there is no need.

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