Hi Experts,

having a report viewer as well as 6 option buttons on form .
as soon as user choose any option itwill display the report.

my problem is
when ever i choose any option.
report viewer is opening in current window .

how can we make reort viewer to open in new window  but not in the window on which we placed the report viewer controler.
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How are you opening the report?

I assume this is a web application?  You should be able to add code to the line that opens the window to force it to use a new window.

bsheikh, I assume that you are developing a window base application.
You could create a new form and place the report viewer on that form. So when display report, call to display that new form and do report binding and display.

bsheikhAuthor Commented:
This is win based application .

I did what dylan is saying .
but when u put report viewer in new form .  and call it by option button it will always open a report which is defined in cr  report viewer. or other wise  we need a way to forward the report details to other form also . means if i choose option button 2 . it will load the report against that option button. but i dotn know how to pass this or do this .

i have a old application in VB6.
that was doing in 1st way they just put the viewer on the form and still when ever u pick any option it opens report in new window

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What code is used to display the report?

bsheikh, to pass report detail to the other form, you could create several properties in your new form and assign value to it upon calling them.

something like:

rptForm = new rptViewerForm
rptForm.ReportName = "sample.rpt"          ' ReportName is a properties you created
rptForm.setPameterValue("p1", "value1")   ' setPameterValue is a function you created


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