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Who is the DOS command line expert? Or is there another way to do what I need, maybe a SQL script? From inside a program I want to change permissions on a directory and all the files in it, say d:\psoft\payroll\files. The program will be running under the service account but I want to grant access to an individual user id "abcdefg". Can I use the chmod command (chmod 600 d:\psoft\payroll\files)? If so, I don't remember userid being a part of the parameter list for that command. How do I set permissions for a specific user?
Dennis MillerAsked:
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Assuming a command prompt within windows 200x then you need to use the cacls command.


d:\psoft\payroll\files /e /t /g  abcdefg:F

to give full control or change the F to a C to add as change.  This will be inherited down from that point on W2K/2003/XP


Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Oops, with CACLS at the beginning of that line, i.e.

CACLS d:\psoft\payroll\files /e /t /g  abcdefg:F

/e Adds your choice to the existing ACL for the directory
/t All files and subdirectories too
/g grant permissions to the following user object (specify as domain\user if a domain user)


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Can you use the cacls.exe command?

Maybe something like this:

cacls d:\psoft\payroll\files /G: abcdefg:R

Good Luck,
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You can also use xcacls from the resource kit. For example the command
     XCACLS d:\psoft\payroll\files /E /T /G abcdefg:F
will give the user abcdefg full control to d:\psoft\payroll\files and all subdirectories.

see for more information

xcacls has some more possibilities setting rights over cacls.
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
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