storage limit

windows xp share folder, i want to give a storage limit
how can i do this, im not in a AD environment
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The partition you create the share on, must be formatted with the NTFS5 file system.

Then open the properties of the drive letter (i.e. properties of drive D:) and use the Quota tab page to configure storage limits, either per group or per user.

Select Enable quota management but do not restrict space yet!
Set up the default storage quota for new users (say 1 GB). Then you can edit Quota Entries for specific users if you need exceptions to the default.
Always make sure the Administrators and the SYSTEM account has UNLIMITED space.

After you've done that, enable "deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit".

Don't use quota management on the operating system partition, this can cause problems if the OS itself runs out of quota.
Correction, XP without a domain can't use groups. Configure user accounts instead.
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
i am thinking of away to give quota to a folder instead of partition, is it possible?
No, the NTFS Quota apply to volumes and partitions only.
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