Command to flush IIS 5 cache?

Is there a command that will flush whatever cache IIS 5 uses?

Here's the issue I am having: An html file is FTP'd to the site, then another html file is FTP'd up, overwriting the first one (same name, same folder). But the first one still displays, even though it's been overwritten with the 2nd file...

Restarting the web site does not resolve the issue.

Restarting IIS DOES resolve the issue.

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That sounds like the client end to me. You could however enable content expiration and have it expire immediately in IIS.
SquareHeadAuthor Commented:
No, it's not the client. This was tested on 4 different client machines.

Setting content expiration means the page will never be cached by IIS? Does this apply to both ASP and HTML files?
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SquareHeadAuthor Commented:
Looks like some good info. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
Both links are now dead...
Be advised that the links in the 'Accepted Solution' no longer exist.
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