norton system works 2005 firewall is blocking limewire from accessing the internet. I cant find the firewall settings in norton to unblock limewire.
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mtown23Author Commented:
move it where it goes because i didnt know where to put it.

That's probably because of Java Runtime Enviroment firewall permissions. Limewire is a java written flie sharing client so it's permission to go over the Internet is strongly releted to the permission you give to java/javaw etc... that's probably why you cannot find the precise rule for limewire.
Just in my opinion I have to tell you that both Limewire and NSW 2005 firewall is a bad choice. They're both very slow and heavy applications. Yet that's only my personal point of view, doesn't matter with the question.


Marco Del Percio

@ Marco Del Percio, your name is very nice.
lol I have Limewire not by choice though as I bought another when they updated it I got Limewire, yes I found it heavy at first but a few tweaks and its the best actually.
mtown23 your Limewire shoudlk detect the firewall.
Do you have s&d spybot installed?
You have to config it to allow the Limewire.
Norton & XP's firewall don't work well together. Disable XP's firewall: go to the control panel, double click on Windows Firewall, check the disable box.
Configuring Norton for Limewire

Otherwise uninstall Norton it is a crazy program always causing high cpu usage problems with sharing sending the owners into a frustration.
Use AVG instead a lot less hassles and user friendly.

Remove Norton *completely* safely

good Luck hope you find success, well you will if you unistall Norton.
But do get a firewall. and anti virus. Set Limewire to scan any incoming files same with msn messenger ..
Merete :)


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@ Merete
Thanks :-) What dou you mean by "the best" ? I mean what in terms of CPU/Mem. usage? I'm really interested about it I like that java project yet I disappoint it because of its "weight" (anyway it's alway java...). If you could send me more info about those limewire "tweaks" I'll be very happy thanks :-)

Limewire is a P2P file sharing software package, and as such represents a huge threat to your computer. It comes bundled with spyware,  and if you let it bypass whatever firewall you have
then Spybot and Adaware will be kept busy trying to remove everything malicious that floods in.
There are plenty of "better" (ie. safer) applications which do the same job.
@phototropic  lol disagree I have had no spyware or problems with Limewire. With anything put inplace protective measures such as assiging the virus program to scan any incoming files. Especially msn etc. Anything incoming must be scanned first.
Windows media player is just as dangerous and that is part of windows. Emails..The biggest killer of computers is people themselves who donot update their software definitions. :)

@ marco_delpercio Hope  mtown23  doesnt mind Here are those links.
Package com.limegroup.gnutella.gui
Limewire history
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