BGP config in 2600 router

Can someone explain what this configuration is suppose to do?  Is it set up as a rout reflector?  I'm not sure if I can remove it or how to find out if it is required.
router bgp 65000
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 network X.4.0.0
 neighbor X.26.137.121 remote-as 741
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It is not a route reflector.

The config means peer this BGP router's AS 65000 (a private AS) to the USAF's AS 741 (a registered AS) at IP address x.26.137.121 and advertise network x.4.0.0 to it.

It looks kind of incomplete however.  

So, I would suggest contacting the USAF NOC for AS 741 and asking them about it.  You can also check if they advertise routes to your AS by doing a show ip route and show ip bgp sum.  

Note- I have never seen a private AS peered with a registered AS before so it may be a mistake although I am not sure.  Is this a production network?

FYI - You can query AS numbers by going to this URL:

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JelonetAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  Thats what I needed...who to contact about this.
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