Calling Managed Code From Unmanaged Code

I am working on an MDI application written in Delphi.  All the child documents are in DLL's.  The names of the DLLs are stored in the database so that they can be dynamiclly added into the system.  The all except the same parameter when they are instantiated, an ADO connection string to the database.  Is it possible to write the child documents in C#, compile them into DLL's, and call them from the Delphi parent document without modifing the parent application?
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"Without modifying the parent app" no.

You cannot create "standard" Win32 DLL's from C# (with the ol' _cdecl or stdcall-type stuff).

Now, with C++ and Managed Extensions, you might be able to do this. If you want to head down that road, I can get you started, but not much further since that's pretty complicated and hairy stuff.

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Here's an tutorial on how you can do calls on managed code from unmanaged:
Yeah, what he said. :)

You have to be careful though, sometimes you can get into a situation where the CLR isn't loaded at the right time. For *most* purposes that should work, but sometimes you have to actually hook into the DLL init stuff and handle the CLR initialization manually. That gets ugly.
I think he (existenz2) should get more of the points (maybe 25/75 me/him)? His answer was more useful. Mine was mostly a "Me too" answer.
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