Will my mail-filtering server hold fowards until my exchange server is back up?

I just started at a company and I am doing more net admin stuff than programming (which is what I was hired for).  We have a mail filtering server(remote) running SendMail, ProcMail and Spamassassin.  This server filters the mail and then forwards it to an exchange server(local).  

The exchange server needs to be physically moved this weekend.  I was wondering if I can setup the mail filtering server to hold all the fowards until the exchange server is back up.  

Is this default behavior?

If not, how can I do this?

You don't have to give me every detail just tell what I have to do.
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All the mail that sendmail gets is 'dumped' in a queue. By altering either the queue processing time -q option (to only process the queue say every week, and ensuring that the number of retries is greater than 2), then you can guarantee that all the mail received is queued.

Basically restart the sendmail daemon before you start the move with the new queue timings, carry out the move, and then restart the sendmail daemon with the default settings again.

In fact, most servers are by default configured to hold the mail and put it back in the queue for resending for a maximum time. This is normally configured in the startup script /etc/init.d/sendmail and you'll possibly find that it's already set the q option such that it'll hold the message in the queue for up to 8 hours, or possibly longer....in which case, if the move is going to be fairly quick (less than the appropriate time period), then you'll need to do nothing:)

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