Copying backups with one drive

Has any body tried to make a copy of an existing backup tape using Backup Exec software and only one tape drive???
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I have not seen any options like this before but there still be a solution.  Here is something else you may be able to look at.

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You would need to use your local harddisk to act as staging area. If you don't have enough space on your disk then not sure but either the copy will fail, or there will be a fair amount of tape swapping.

Do you need duplicate tape (for offsite storage) or will a copy suffice? What I mean is, do you need media details etc duplicated or are you only interested in the data itself. If so, you could perform a restore to a dump area on disk, then back this up again to a new tape?

Hope this helps
Why not do a current backup to another tape instead of trying to copy a tape?
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Well, I suppose that one could simply insert a new tape and manually run the backup on that new tape.
ITA-supportAuthor Commented:
Please let me clarify.  I have a tape that is not part of a system any longer.  I need to copy this tape.  In the multi tape drive systems, BackupExec and Arcserve provide the abilty to perform a tape-tape copy.  The question is if I have 1 DLT tape drive and I need to copy the a DLT tape, can this be performed (like diskcopy from DOS).  What I was hoping for was the process would create temp files that would be written back to the new tape (like an imaging process).

There are tape copy services but I was hoping to perform this onsite.

I am reasonably certain this could be done if I had a 2 drive changer.  The question is specifc to a 1 drive tape unit.

Another twist, has anyone work with tape duplication devices that are reasonable $$?


ITA-supportAuthor Commented:
Thanks scaliouette - I looked at the tapecopy product on the pine1nc site.  This is exactly what I am looking for and the right costs!!!  I will contact them later today.

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