Cisco 2600

What is the correct statement to add this static route
send all mask to gateway
is it ip route
Let me know.
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no you have the mask backwards.

ip route

I think, haven't used the cisco part of my brain in a while.

Actually his statement is ok as is.

ip route

The "gateway" portion can be either next hop (as you have) or exit interface.

Also if you have an older version of IOS, (pre 12.x) you also need the following since you are specifying a zero subnet.

ip subnet-zero




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mleidichAuthor Commented:
Added note
After I make the change.  The route will not work. Do I have reboot the router?
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mleidichAuthor Commented:
do I need to reboot after the change?
No reboot required.

We would need more information to understand your network and what you are trying to accomplish. Basically, static routes are used to direct traffic to a router that knows about the network. They can be used instead of a routing protocol in small networks but require more administration.

In your case, if you have 2 routers, With users connected to router1 and the network connected to router2, ( your static route on router1 would send traffic destined for network to router 2.  On router2 you need to make sure there is a route back to the originating network or it won't work. If you are using strictly statc routes, you need to create one on router2 to for the traffic to get back.  The "show ip route" command on both routers should tell you what networks they know about.

If this doesn't help perhaps you should post it as a new question. This question was specific to the syntax of the route command and you already accepted an answer.


mleidichAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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