using Hummingbird Connectivity 10 i am trying to connect to solaris ,AIX ,linux machines

Hi ,

  I need help with Exceed to connect to the solaris and linux machine when try to start x server it's start's fine and when i enter my id and passwd i do get a message back that i am loged in But i never gets the gui desktop back .is there any services that needs to be started what am i missing .Plaese let me know ...Thanks!!
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Question for you ... do you *really* want to start a desktop X11 session or do you just want access to a remote graphical desktop ?

X11 is a hugely FAT protocol.  There are lots of folks to use VNC to startup a desktop session (e.g. KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, CDE, whatever) that connects to the VNC X server that runs a remote server.  Then they connect to that remote desktop via vncclient.  So all you are getting back from the remote desktop is VNC display updates.  **VERY** much lighter in network traffic than X11.

The other huge benefit to using VNC is the ability to disconnect from your VNC session and your desktop session stays up waiting for you to return to later with everything exactly how you left it.  Even applications you want running while your gone have no knowledge that you've disconnected e.g. long running compile jobs, some graphical conversion process, etc.
But to answer your question, to start say KDE on Linux you need to tell Exceed to run /opt/kde3/bin/startkde.  I'm a Solaris admin by trade but I don't use JDS (e.g. Gnome - I hate it) so I don't use it so I can't tell you have to start it.  On my Solaris servers I use Fluxbox generally.  If I need a specific Solaris X11 GUI, I usually use X display it back without the need for the entire desktop.
If you want to display the Full desk top of your Solaris box, you can use
Exceed (Hummingbird) to make an XDMCP connection.

Please read the following docs to learn how to configure Exceed (Hummingbird)  to make the connection:

kaka123Author Commented:
Thankyou for your replies.I'm still not clear on how to bring back the GUI login for IBM,HP,Solaris and Linus Suse .The problem is when i start the Xserver I get a prompt to login as Telnet,RSH , RLOGIN etc ,when I choose the telnet as a login protocol and typein ID Password I got a prompt back.I can see that I'm logged in but i never get a GUI login back to my XP machine.Please let me know step by step what i need to know.Do I need to start any service on the server so can connect using exceed client.
                   Thankyou all I'm waiting for your response.
>>I'm still not clear on how to bring back the GUI login for IBM,HP,Solaris and Linus Suse

You can setup XDMCP connetion to get the GUI login screen from Solaris, HP, Linux ... boxes, the instruction is in my previous link, or:


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