Error Message: Unable to load setupapi.dll functions.

My computer crashed after I tried to do a Windows Update of IE and I had to reinstall Windows ME. But now, every time I start the computer I get a blue screen that says "There is a problem with a system file. Windows might not be able to run correctly..." and further on down it says "VxD dynamic link call: NTKERN (01) = 0000331E to 'MTRR      ', service 2."   When I click that I want to continue running Windows anyway, the desktop appears and I always get the following three error messages:

The HIDSERV.EXE file is linked to a missing export SETUPAPI.DLL: SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailA.

The BATMETER.DLL file is linked to missing export SETUPAPI.DLL: SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces.

Unable to load setupapi.dll functions. Is this a WDM O/S? (this one doesn't give me the option to answer yes/no, only to click on "ok."

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest a new reinstall using this method:

But, if you can, a fresh install of WinME after formatting would be better.

NicoFricoAuthor Commented:

What does formatting mean?  I'm very low tech.  How would I go about formatting?

This should help you.  Just follow the instructions closely:
"How To Format & Reinstall Windows ME":
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Additional instructions >>   After the format, boot up with your Windows CD.   If the CD is not bootable, boot up with a StartUp Disk, available from:
Or create your own if you have access to another PC running Windows Me:
Press 'Start'  > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > Open >  StartupDisk tab > select 'create Disk'.
Ensure that Windows  installs in the C:\Windows directory, if it was there before.  
         If C:\Windows (recommended) is displayed, select it.
         If C:\Windows.000 (recommended) is displayed, click 'Other', and change it to C:\Windows
   Type:    setup   or   E:\setup   where E is your CD-ROM drive.

You may also find this link useful.  In left hand column you'll find a selection "Multi-Page", it's a useful step by step guide:

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Please be aware that before a format you should ideally back up your hard drive personal data, although we realise that this is not always possible.  Certainly formatting (as Zee says) is preferable, and you start with a clean hard disk .. you may wish to comment on whether you have valuable data.

Briefly describes formatting:
NicoFricoAuthor Commented:
It worked!  Thanks for all the detailed instructions and links.  I'm back up and running smoothly.

Good!     If not yet done, suggest you download and install your Microsoft Updates asap, preferably 2 or 3 at a time, but no more.  It's also a good idea to create regular System Restore points between, say, 6 installs, Win Me can be rather problematic.

Start > Programs > Accessories  > System Tools > System Restore > click "create a restore point" > Next.                
Thanks.         Jonvee
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