Temp IT guy to cover me...

I'm our only IT guy.  I cover everything from phones, to network, to helpdesk, etc....We have a really simple network with about 90 users, single site.  I'm FINALLY going on a real vacation (8 days, out of the country), and they would like to hire a temp to cover me when I'm gone.  This makes me a little bit nervous.....Any advice?  Should I just make a domain admin account for them on a new machine and copy my customized MMC over to it for them?  It REALLY makes me nervous to do something like that, but if something really goes wrong, and I can't be reached, then they will NEED to have that acces....Thanks.
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Hi tenover,

that decision and resonsibilty will come down to your boss / CEO   outline the risks to him and see what he thinks!

tenoverAuthor Commented:
Of course.....But the CEO/boss does not have a clue about what is what, as long as everything is up and running he's happy. If it were up to me, I'd train an employee to reset passwords, as that is most likely the only thing that will occur, but I'm afraid of something majpr happening!!
yeah i can understand that - but if you are employing a temp that is knowledgable then you should be right, there are risks in anything like this   and if you are unreachable you dont really have much of an option as far as i can see   your have to give him full access to a point....

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thankyou :)

good luck also
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