How do I deploy a .NET program to a computer with no internet access?

I have a small .NET program that I have written for a client who refuses to allow her business computer access to the internet.  Thus, as I understand it, I cannot just use the regular .NET deployment procedure, because it will expect to be able to get the .NET libraries from the Microsoft website.

Can I just download the .NET installation package and burn it onto a CD with my program, so that it will install from that CD?  How would I set that up?  Can I use the .NET deployment setup this way, so that all the user has to do is run setup.exe?
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it will not run on win95 or win3.11, but will on win98... that's all you need:

it has everything you need - download, system requirements, instructions.

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of course you can do it without connection to the internet - I'm talking about  .NET 1.1 but it should be the same for 2.0.

In the deployemnt, the option to include insalling of .NET framework was disabled and if you try to enable it, it will give you an error - I presume to stop installing .NET framework everytime you install a program as it needs to be done only once.

I would suggest doing it manually, as most likely you would have to see your client at least once or you can burn on the CD dotnetfx.exe (that's the name of the file by the way) and just put in your manual or just aske them to run this one first, before installing your program.

I don't think how you can include it in  your C# (or VB.NET) deployment projet.

You can right or use already written programs in C++ for example to run several .exe files for your installation, but it can't apparently be done in C# (or VB.NET) as your .NET application will run without .NET installed.

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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
You can embedded all the files you need inside the installation package.
Even on clients with an available internet connection it doesn't make cense to do it other way.

Take a look here:

it's not about including ALL or ANY files, it's just about .NET framework installation file. Now try to see the logic - you program in C# is trying to install .NET framework - how is it supposed to run without .NET framework installed??

FrancineTaylorAuthor Commented:

So all I need is dotnetfx.exe?  Does it matter what version of Windows they are running, and what service packs they have?  My client has Windows 98; can the .NET package install to a Windows version that old?
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