Can Windows Group Policy be used to keep Fileand Printsharing turned off?

I am running Win Server 2003 with a bunch of Win2k Pro desktops...  

As is the normal behavior for MS Windows - everytime I touch a PCs networking for ~any~ reason - I need to go back an be sure File and Print Sharing is off.

I would liek to deploya GPO that disables theFile andPrint sharing on reboot - so I do not have to worry about it.

Is this possible?


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Hi SEWallace,

microsoft dont provide a policy to configure the file and print sharing.... that shouldnt be giving you grief in a domain environment... usually only workgroup

SEWallaceAuthor Commented:
Was afraid that would be the answer...

The grief is that, as a security practice, we have F/P sharing turned off on all desktops... (one of those services not needed...)    Was hoping to 'lock' the practice down - instead of manually managing it...

why not just uninstall it from the TCPIP properties?

To disable file and print sharing in Windows XP:

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the desktop.
Click Settings, then click Control Panel.
In the Control Panel, click Network Connections.
In the Network Connections window, right-click on the appropriate connection, then select Properties.
Uncheck the File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks check box.
Click OK, then close the Control Panel window.
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SEWallaceAuthor Commented:
That is what we do...  

But if in any troubleshooting...  we have to touch, change, reconfigure, add or remove any network property...   the F/P sharing turns itself back on...    

We have to remember (each and every..) to go back and turn off when troublshoting task is complete...  

Just a hassle wishing to avoid....
ah i was under the impression if you disabled it once in there, that it was disabled until you set it back on - thought you were referring to the tools - options under windows explorer,

pity group policy doesnt cater for that what a pain!   are users actually reenabling it?
SEWallaceAuthor Commented:
Uses... and Tech...    It's east to work on a networking problem...   tweak things on and off....

Then get the problem fixed and rush off to the next support call without going back in to turn this off....

For good (or bad) - My network places always shows were someone slipped up....
im sorry but i dont understand your last comments! was that aimed at me?
SEWallaceAuthor Commented:
Sloppy typing...    "Users" and "Techs"....    It's easy to work...  

Anyhow...   figured I would leave open for a while to see if anyone came up with a fix....    

Guess not...

ahh i c, yeah the ones with a little knowledge are the worst

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