Clearing special ascii characters from a string

besides using replace(string,chr(235)," ")

what else could I use to replace ascii extended characters out of a string?
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
You could do something like this:

Function CleanString(SourceString As String) As String

    Dim L As Long
    Dim TestChar As String

    Const LastAscii As Long = 126

    For L = 1 To Len(SourceString)
        TestChar = Mid(SourceString, L, 1)
        If Asc(TestChar) <= LastAscii Then CleanString = CleanString & TestChar

End Function
thenoneAuthor Commented:
good evening Mathew what if I have more than one ascii character to replace?
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Hope this helps
I like to write these types of functions 'long hand' so I can deal with different situations.

Function CheckText(byref YourText as string) as string
Dim L as long
L = len(YourText)
dim vNewText as string
Dim J as long
for J = 1 to L
    If mid(YourText,J,1) = chr(13) then '--- carriage return
          '---- do nothing
    elseif mid(yourText,J,1) = " " then '--- space
          '---- do nothing
       vNewText = vNewText & mid(YourText,J,1)
    end if
next j

CheckText = vNewText

end function

Of course, a SELECT CASE could work instead of the IF...THEN....ELSE.

Scott C.


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Patrick MatthewsCommented:

> good evening Mathew what if I have more than one ascii character to replace?

The function I submitted will remove anything from the extended ASCII set (which is everything
from 128 on; I set the code to start excluding at 127 because it is not an English language

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