convert local domain to public domain


Recently i have set up a private domain network for a company. They have just decided that they want to host a website with a public domain. the private domain is named name.local, they are aquiring the domain name

What is involved in converting it from a .local domain to a domain?

Please provide links to helpful informaiton if possible.

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You don't need to change the local network, you just need to set up DNS records for the domain that have a public ip address for the web server in the .local domain. The DNS records for the domain should be hosted by an external DNS provider, because you don't want your internal DNS records (for .local) being publically accessible.

Free DNS hosting is available from several organisations. One that I find quite good is (primary and/or secondary DNS hosting) .

The steps involved are:

1. Create a primary zone for your domain on a DNS hosting provider.
2. Create an A record for for the public IP address of your web server
3. Delegate the domain to the DNS hosting providers name servers.
4. Configure your firewall to allow TCP port 80 (and 443 if you'll be providing secure web pages) from the Internet to your web server.

Of course you first need to make sure that your web server is nice and secure.

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gavinandrewmcmillanAuthor Commented:
ok sounds simple enough, I guess this will work in the same with a mail server too right?

Tony MassaCommented:
Correct.  You'll have to create a MX and Host (A) records for your domains mail server.  It will look something like this

This says that mail going to yourdomain should send it to
MX  20  

You will also have to create a host (A) record, like the webserver, that translates the IP address of mailserver
A  <---your mailsever's public IP address here.

Hope this helps

gavinandrewmcmillanAuthor Commented:
Thanks heaps for your help!!

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