Best Desktop System setup for Video Editing/Authoring


What is the best system setup for Video Editing/Authoring?  I'm looking to start my own video production business (from home) and was looking at what type of equipment I may need!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I like this guy because it supports stereo and you don't have to go crawling behind the system to get to the jacks.
I also like the full sized jacks for the audio.

Choose a processor with lots of cache. Don't even consider ones with less than 512k.
The cost difference between 256k and 512k isn't much compared to the performance gains.
Get 1M if you can. (It depends on your wallet.)
2.4 GHz is enough to keep most people happy. More is better. (It depends on your wallet.)
533 or better FSB. (It depends on your wallet.)

1 GB of ram will work.
2 Gb is much better.
More is a little better. (It depends on your wallet.)

This would be a good time to have a big wallet!
Are you going Windows or MAC . Macs are well known for their multimedia capabilities.
A P4 Hyperthreading cpu or an Athlon64 cpu will be best for this.  Lots of RAM, as PCBONEZ mentioned, and lots of hard drive space (digitized video takes up a LOT of space, especially if it is uncompressed).  Firewire ports are a must to interface to DV camcorders, and I recommend a Canopus ADVC-110 for analog capture: - it will give you high quality video.  Adobe Premiere software for editing, Cinema Craft Encoder Basic for compressing to mpeg-2, and Nero for authoring.
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!!!! Choose a 7200 RPM (or faster) hard drive. Preferably with an 8MB (or larger) buffer.

I like to have the Operating System and software on one drive and the project to be burned on a second drive.
This is so that during the burning there is nothing else that needs to access the source drive.
Check this link out as it has many ideas on hardware and software for video editing and links to boot
OK - if its going to be the core of your business, then you may want to consider the ramifications of HD.

This going to create a lot of problems, as the horsepower required to edit hd is significantly greater than that for standard.

Here's a review of the latest canopus product, which has been designed for hd.

You may want to look through the other forums on the dvdoctor site for some examples of other peoples configurations.

As PCBONEZ said, the one thing you will need is a HUGE data drive for video capture - SATA, or even a SATA RAID array is well worth considering.

Wherever possible, it is best to capture and edit in the highest quality possible and only do your conversion to mpeg2 (for dvd) as the last step in the process.

Hope this helps

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