Detecting system DPI settings in Python

Is there any way to get the current DPI settings through Python?  

The particular scenario I am most concerned with is setting the appropriate width of a wx.DatePickerCtrl for varied settings of DPI in Windows NT/XP. Changing the "Font Size"/"DPI Setting" in (Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > General) causes fonts of any given point size to have a different width in pixels, so a date picker with fixed width in pixels is either too wide or to narrow depending upon this setting.

A cross-platform solution is preferred, and at the very least it should be able to fall back to a chosen default for platforms where it cannot determine the DPI.  Ideally the solution also wouldn't use anything unavailable with just Python 2.4.1, wxPython and a default installation of the operating system.

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I don't believe there's a way of doing this with stock Python, but it's easy with ctypes ( ) -

from ctypes import *
dc = windll.user32.GetDC(0)
print "Horizontal DPI is", windll.gdi32.GetDeviceCaps(dc, LOGPIXELSX)
print "Vertical DPI is", windll.gdi32.GetDeviceCaps(dc, LOGPIXELSY)
windll.user32.ReleaseDC(0, dc)

(It prints 96 and 96 on my machine.)

I'm not sure what you mean by "cross-platform", given that you explicitly mention "Windows NT/XP".  This code will work on any Windows box, but not on any other OS.
I'm wrong.  8-)  You *can* do it with only wxPython:

from wx import App, ScreenDC
app = App(0)
s = ScreenDC()
print s.GetPPI()

As far as I'm aware, that really *is* cross-platform.

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JoshdanGAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  Mind if I ask how you found that?

The bit about Windows was if there was a limited solution like the first one, that would be a whole lot more useful to me than something that assumed since I was talking about Python I must be running on GNU/Linux. However your second solution is even yet more useful.

"Mind if I ask how you found that?"  Not at all - I knew the Windows way of doing it, hence my first answer.  Then I googled for GetDeviceCaps and wxWindows to see whether wxWindows had an equivalent, and that led me to GetPPI.
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