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DSA-3100 can't work with a repeater.

Hi guys,

I am attempting to create a free wireless network in my town's CBD and need to use some repeaters. I am using a d-link DSA-3100 as the login point and works fine with one AP. Below is dlinks response to the problem I get when adding a repeater.

I am looking for a way to get around the limitations of the DSA-3100, maybe a way to spoof the MAC address of the DWL900AP? Maybe something entirely different that I can't see. Look forward to hearing your ideas. Ideally any solution will incorporate the DSA-3100 and the 2x DWL-900APs that I already own.

"Hi Daniel,
Sorry the DSA-3100 is the only hotspot product that we have.

The DFL series has user authentication but it is not as advanced as the DSA-3100.
Also to login you need to manual enter in the login page IP each time. The DFL products also don’t have the logs like the DSA-3100.

The problem is that the DSA-3100 Authenticates and matches to the MAC address, the technology can support the MAC address of the access point as this is the first hope. Unfortunately it does not support the 2nd hope (being the repeater).

Sorry this is a hardware limitation in the DSA-3100.

If you where to use the DI-624M MIMO router just as an access point this product in some cases can increase the distance.
If you disable DHCP on this router it should work fine with the DSA-3100"

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2 Solutions
Exactly how big an area are you trying to make this work over?
danwinsonAuthor Commented:
4km by 1km area. With potential to expand later.
Actually, they're incorrectly telling you that's their ONLY hotspot product. The DCS-3200 has built in wireless capability, but that doesn't fix your problem.

What mode did you set up the second AP in (where your problems are starting? Also, what's the existing network infrastructure in this area you want to cover?
I have a DSA3100 and two tranzeo APs with sector antennas working flawlessly.  I set the two APs to WDS and configured them with the same SSID and Security.  Also if you want to use your existing APs make sure the firmware is the same and that the second AP is set to bridge with client access or repeater mode.  Good Luck

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