no web interface on snapgear pro

Hi All

This one is a little embarrassing. Got a client where they lost the vpn password at a branch office. They were only after email so I got them into the webmail but I need to fix this soon.

Prob is that on the LAN back at head office they have multiple adsl connections going through snapgear firewalls.

The main internet goes through one and the default gateway on the clients is

But when I go to it in my browser I get nothing. Now if I do a netstat -A -N -O it has connections to a number of local PCs so I assume it is the firewall.

But I don't know if the web interface is enabled or what port its running on. I could re-enable it by following: but I'm worried about leaving their network open or knocking something out because its a 24/7 operation.

I'm wondering if anyone has come across at tool like this that could try and connect via a web browser to all the ports sort of like an ip scanner for web ports. Otherwise anyone know the default webport for the snapgear pro (no other model no. on it) or how to enable it without borking everything. I'm sure I'm missing something easy coz the webinterface should be there.
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ausadminAuthor Commented:
Resolved - telnet was disabled too which got me to thinking - the last admin must have had some way in. So I tried the webinterface from a server I knew he used for admin work - bingo.

Now I know its a big ask but given that he might have locked it down to any machine can anyone think of a way to get the config off the snapgear in this situation. Coz of course once you've got the config you can edit it - reset the box to default and drop it in with just a 5 minute outage.
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