need help recovering data from harddrive

I need to transfer data off of a harddrive that is running win98 to a new hardrive running XP. I tried using an IDE to USB cable by powering the harddrive in the old box and then just connecting the cable to the new computer. Well, I was able to transfer some files, but the old hard drive stops responding.

Now I've taken the old drive out and hooked it up to my machine at home and chkdsk ran when I booted the system up and now all I see when I go to the drive is FILE****.CHK

I really need to get this data.

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Try hook up the old drive to new computer as slave drive, then start transfer data. This is more easier than the way you just did.
there are two ways to hook up the drive first is as described above if you cant for some reason such as your new computer only has sata and you old drive has ata you could also buy a hard drive enclosure they are fairly inexspensive and can be found online or a local store. once you have a way to access the hard drive it sounds like you also need to recover the data i suggest pc inspector it is free and usually does a very good job the only down side is it does take some time

Best of luck
If you feel your drive may have corruption or lost files then the best program I found is:

Try the demo version first (after attaching your drive as a slave drive to a known good system as suggested by others above).


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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
First rule for recovery : STOP using the drive; hook it up as slave to the IDE cable.
here some chkdisk recovery programs :                  Chk-mate (fileo1.chk)                              uncheck

otherwise, try any of these : download the trial version to see if they claim to be able to recover your data, and if so, pay for the full version :,collid,1295,00.asp            Free Recovery                              Spinrite                                    GetDataBack                                    Stellar                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                  Active undelete                  pc Inspector                        Handy Recovery                  flash recovery                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    Test Disk + utils                        zero assumption                        Recover Lost Data                              RecoverMyFiles            Disk Commander                  EasyRecovery                        VirtualLab Data Recover                                    data recovery Company
The flobo chk identifier should be able to find out what type of file your .chk files are. It will still take some time for you to give them the correct names though, as you will have to open each file and rename it accordingly. Often .chk files are also fragments of original files, so some may not be complete.
"Now I've taken the old drive out and hooked it up to my machine at home and chkdsk ran when I booted the system up and now all I see when I go to the drive is FILE****.CHK

I really need to get this data."

I was not aware that chkdsk automatically runs on a non-boot slave HD. If you did mistakely connect the old HD to your WinXP computer as a "master" you will have issues pulling the info off.
Actually, chkdsk can run on any disk at startup, not just the boot disk.

"On volumes marked as "dirty", Windows automatically runs chkdsk when you restart the computer."

The above quote is from:

That link is for issues with WinServer 2003, not XP.
Otherwise, you are suggesting that I can throw in a totally Win98 corrupted slave HD in my XP box and chkdsk will run automatically on boot for that Win98 slave drive even though the WinXP boot HD is fine?
I don't buy that. I would think I would have to run a manual scan on the Win98 slave drive using a Win98 boot disk with scandisk, not chkdsk.
Perhaps I'm wrong?
I am not sure about Win98 disks, because that would be FAT, but I am fairly sure that on NTFS disks, XP (as well as 2003) will run chkdsk automatically on startup if the "dirty" flag is set, regardless of whether it is the boot volume or not. (Of course, you can cancel the chkdsk if you respond within so many seconds during the boot process, it gives you a warning).
You can run chkdsk on win98 disks without problems. scandisk is just an older version which was included in w98 from a 3rd party company (don't remember who that was), and it then got replaced by chkdsk, an all M$ version, with newer OS's from M$.
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