File tracking on peer to peer network?

I have a 4 machine network all running XP Pro.  We share an accounting package and some files from my computer.

Is there any way to track what files are being accessed and more importantly taken from the computers? (email, CDR, floppy, ftp etc...)?

I want to know what has been done in regards to that on each machine.

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You can set Auditing on the folders, and that will record all use of them.  There is no way to see what happened before you started Auditing.

Here is a guide to setting up auditing:

It is a two-step process: first you have to enable auditing in Local Security Policy, and then you have to go into the properties of the folders and/or files of interest to set them for auditing.

The result appears in the Security log, and it is a real mess, with 8 or more events for every time anyone makes any use of any file or folder being audited.

In addition, the Security log is easily editable, so it will not hold up in court as proof that events happened.  If you plan to prove in court anything about object access, you must use third-party software that datestamps and encrypts the logs so that they cannot be altered.

There are a list of this year monitoring software report which may suit your needs.

What to Look for in Monitoring Software?
With technology changing at a rapid pace, it is difficult to know which monitoring software is best and what should be sought when purchasing software. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate Internet service providers.

 Feature Set – The monitoring software should offer all of the features needed to monitor your computer’s activity and monitor chat, email, instant messaging downloads, webpages and keystrokes. The software should provide a stealth mode and various scheduling and reporting features.

 Ease of Use – The product should be easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use.  

 Easy of Installation/Setup – The program should be easy to install and setup without errors or a number of unnecessary steps so anyone could successfully install and run the program regardless of their computer literacy.

 Monitoring Effectiveness – The monitoring software should allow you to identify all activity that is occurring on your computer, by whom, and when.

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No.  The only thing you can do is run secpol.msc and lock down the machines.
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Also you can run keystroke copying software, but doing so may not be good moral for your users if they find out.  It also becomes a security issue more that what you might already be experiencing
fekdepAuthor Commented:
what is secpol.msc?
secpol.msc is the command-line command to launch Local Security Policy.  It's also in Control Panel, in Administrative tools.  These articles go into more detail about Local Security Policy.
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