Usb memory stick data recovery

Dear EE,

Problem Overview: The "U-Storage utility" has repartitioned a usb memory stick without warning, previous data is inaccessible.

There is some recent commercial information on the stick that is not backed up. Hence my concern and enquiry.

Durring a backup operation, I had two usb memory sticks connected to my Laptop. The first stick was drive E: - it held data, the second was drive f: - it was blank and to be used as the backup for drive E:. I copied the "U-Storage Utility" to drive f: and started U-storage (on drive F:) to attempt to repartition Drive f: as a password secure partition.

Problem: U-Storage repartitioned drive E: and not drive F:. All data is now inaccessable on drive E:. My enquiries re. U-Storage and it's "one drive at a time" limitations show that it accessed the lower drive letter regardless of the focus being on drive F:.

Is there a way to recover this data from the stick (drive E:)?  I have tried a few partition recovery utilities..with no success. I want a recovery yielding the directory tree, actual file names and time stamping of files. I am happy to purchase a suitable application.
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A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
or try

I always recovered any lossed file
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Also, this one has never failed me:

and it's free.

- Travis
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