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How do I setup a share for a folder that is on the mac HDD to access from a windows XP machine
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You can look here for the answer:
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To share files on a Windows XP computer and a Mac OS X computer, you can enable File Sharing to create a common folder accessible on both computers.

On Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar:
Click System Preferences - Accounts
Select the desired user's home folder
Click Edit User
Click to check Allow user to log in from Windows
Click OK

Click System Preferences - Sharing
Click to check Personal File Sharing
Click to check Windows File Sharing
Note your Mac's IP address at the bottom of the window (in the paragraph reading "Windows users can access your computer at (address). To choose which Windows users can log in, open Accounts preferences and edit their user information."
On Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger:
Click on System Preferences - Sharing
Make sure the Services tab is selected
Click to check Windows Sharing
Note your Mac's IP address at the bottom of the window
On Windows XP:
Click on Start - Search
Click on Computers or people - A computer on the network
Enter the Mac's IP address that you noted above
Enter your OS X username and password
Set up a shared folder on XP:
Right-click on the folder to be shared
Click on Properties
Click on the Sharing tab
Click on Share this folder on the network (so the folder can be read by the Mac)
Click on Allow network users to change my files (so the folder can be written-to by the Mac)
Click on Apply
Click on OK
Access the shared XP folder from OS X:
Click on Finder - Go - Connect to Server
Click on the Server and PC to connect
Click on Connect
Enter your Mac username and password
Click on OK
Select the name of the shared folder to access
Click on OK
Your shared XP folder now appears on the Mac desktop, allowing you to copy files from XP or OS X to the folder and retrieve them on the other computer.
Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
With the client version of OS X, you're not meant to be able to share a specific folder on the machine. When connecting from another Mac and logging in as an administrative user, you can access the hard disk. But from a Windows box, you can only access the Home folder of the User you're logging in as.

A way around this is to create a new user and clear out the contents of their home folder (this means they won't be able to log in on the Mac itself, but that's fine - this is just a placeholder). Then open a Terminal window and navigate to the User's Home folder e.g. cd /Users/Test/ . You can then create symbolic links to one or many folders elsewhere on the disk. Let's say you've got a folder in the root of the disk called Software. To create a symbolic link, type ln -s /Software . When you log in as this user, you will then be able to access the Software folder.
Actually, there is an excellent freeware product called Sharepoints to allow you to share folders selectively on the Mac using a GUI interface:

In additiong, the freeware Sharepoints Automounter will allow you to automount shares:

Finally you will find detailed instructions (with pictures) on Mac - Windows sharing here:

Mac to Windows Sharing:

Windows to Mac Sharing:

Printer sharing:
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Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
Excellent - I didn't know about that!
BrettskiWorkAuthor Commented:
Actually, I already have a specific folder shared on my G4 ... it is a folder on the mac hdd that i can access directly from my winxp machine.

The problem is, I cant remember how I configured it ... and need to do it again on another mac.

I definitely did not use any software to do it either.
Hi  BrettskiWork,

The author of the site below has a step-by-step how he setup file sharing for Mac to be accessed by WinXp with screenshots.

Hope this help now.

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