FastMM memory manager

I have just come across FastMM. There was some talk on the web of it being integrated with Delphi. I am using Delphi 2006 - is there any advantage in using this memory manager or is it already inbuilt?

I tried adding FastMM to my uses in the dpr file. It gave a report of memory leakages but not in such detail that I could track them down. The files that accompaniy FastMM suggest to enable fulldebugmode in the file. I did that and my program would not run at all with no meaningful error message.

I think I need setup instructions for dummies for FastMM - is there a step-by-step guide? I couldn't find one and I'm trying to solve a problem in time to meet a project deadline so I don't have much time to spend.
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in Delphi 2006, I think that's the default memory manager
You have to set project properties: Linker: detailed and EXE and DLL options: include TD32 debug info then rebuild (not just recompile)

riskassessorAuthor Commented:
Thanks but I already have Map file = 'detailed', EXE and DLL options = 'include TD32 debug info' and 'include remote debug symbols'. That wasn't the problem.
riskassessorAuthor Commented:
In fact, I just found a detailed article about FastMM and its inclusion in Delphi 2006.,1410,33416,00.html 
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